Chainsaw Creations
Quality Wood Sculptures Created by Chainsaw

Established in 2002 and located in Gold Canyon, AZ, (formerly from Quakertown, PA) Chainsaw Creations is a home-based business that creates beautifully crafted wood sculptures where the only tools used to shape and detail the wood are chainsaws. 

 All work shown on this site is 100% chainsaw carved with the exception of chairs, which are sanded in the sitting areas for extra smoothness. 

Log Source

All the wood I use comes from tree services. No trees are cut down solely for the purpose of becoming a sculpture. A very good method of recycling.

Wood Cracks

The size of the logs I use to carve are 1'-3' in diameter. There is no practical or economical method of drying or seasoning wood of this size. Therefore, some checking, (cracking) could occur. I use half-logs or place stress relieving cuts on the piece when I can. This helps to reduce the amount and size of checks. Some types of wood check more than others. Pieces kept indoors will check more than outdoor pieces. Most people find this adds character to their wood sculpture. If you do not like the idea of a crack in a piece of wood, my chainsaw art is probably not for you.

Custom orders are welcome.

Call or Text 267-272-9831 for info.

Credit cards accepted.
On-Site Carving

On-site tree carving has become very popular. If you have a tree that needs to be taken down due to storm or disease damage, consider having it carved. 
You can be left with a work of art, instead of an empty space, where your beloved tree once stood.

I am fully-insured for on-site chainsaw carving.

Certificate of insurance provided at your request.
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